Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman (April 3, 1958 – January 19, 1981)was an American photographer. Her education started at high school in Colarado, then she went to RISD, where she had an inbetween year in Rome, and was a fluent Italian speaker.
She committed suicide at the age of 22, shortly after an unsuccessful attempt which led her to move back to her parents' (also well-known artists George Woodman and Betty Woodman) in Manhattan.
Her photographs have since then gained much notoriety due to their weird, dilapidated settings, Victorian/gothic themes and surreal nature. Of those 10,000 negatives Woodman was said to have created, around 800 have been printed, but a fraction of that exhibited / printed in books. Of those seen, all are black and white, medium format, and most include her or other women as their subject matter.
I've been reading up on Wikipedia, but it's all thanks to Kate at MHG who brought out the print to show me.

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