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Future Map and Benedict Drew At Zabludowicz

"Currently showing at the Zabludowicz Collection is ‘Future Map’ – a survey of the best talent to graduate from the University of the Arts London’s six colleges – and ‘Zabludowicz Collection Invites… Benedict Drew’ – a new initiative where the collection selects a young, currently un-represented UK-based artist, and gives them a platform to exhibit, and produce new work." ...


Nicol Vizioli

I was at Future Map 11 at the Zabludowicz Collection, Camden, yesterday.. am writing a review now, but really REALLY liked this lady's photography so thought i'd post up some.

The series is called Shadows on Parade, but on her site there are many more good series -http://www.nicolvizioli.com/index.php?/|/


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HENRIETTA HELLBERG TEST from harley weir on Vimeo.

Model: Henrietta Hellberg
Filmed/created by Harley Weir for Test Mag.

A good example of the new move to fashion 'stories' through the medium of film, particularly considering the influx of online magazines now.