"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light" Dumbledore, 2005


Steve Cutts' world-weary video for Moby

For 'Are You Lost in the World Like Me?'


Ernst Haas

"I never really wanted to be a photographer. It slowly grew out of the compromise of a boy who desired to combine two goals—explorer or painter. I wanted to travel, see and experience. What better profession could there be than the one of a photographer, almost a painter in a hurry, overwhelmed by too many constantly changing impressions? But all my inspirational influences came much more from all the arts than from photo magazines."

(Coleman, A. D. (2000). "Painter in a Hurry". Ernst Haas Website: The Photography of Ernst Haas.)



From 'La Collection Americaine' by French duo artists Kolkoz aka Samuel Boutruche and Benjamin Moreau. The duo create art in a diverse range of mediums from video to sculpture and installation. For La Collection Americaine they use luxurious baroque gold frames to create sculptural forms.


Eshu, also known as Elegba or Legba, is a trickster god of the Yoruba people of Nigeria in West Africa. He is unpredictable, sly, and fond of pranks that can be cruel and disruptive. Eshu, who knows all the languages spoken on earth, serves as a messenger between the gods and people.
According to one story, Eshu became the messenger after playing a trick on the High God. He stole yams from the god's garden, used the god's slippers to make footprints there, and then suggested that the god had stolen the yams himself. Annoyed, the High God ordered Eshu to visit the sky every night and tell him what happened on earth during the day.

Order and disorder are forever paired, and neither can exist without the other.

Explanation of theory: http://www.mythencyclopedia.com/knowledge/Order_and_disorder__physics_.html

Alexander McQueen made a collection inspired by Eshu and the Yoruba people in 2000:


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