Billboard Generates Drinking Water Out of Thin Air in Desert of Peru | Adweek


"Lima, Peru, gets about half an inch of rainfall per year. Yet the atmospheric humidity is around 98 percent. UTEC, the country's major university of engineering and technology, took this peculiar problem and—with help from ad agency Mayo Draftfcb—devised a unique solution: a billboard that draws moisture out of that humid air and turns it into potable drinking water. ... "


The Times 13th Feb cartoon

By Peter Brookes
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A search on google for 'new york fashion week model tumbles' in order to see what show this was at just yields more laughs:


Calvin Klein Provocations Campaign Film -- Featuring Alexander SkarsgÄrd

Seen this everywhere and gave it a watch and apart from the obvious brand-placementing and slow-mo erotica it's rather good.

Death: The Richard Harris Collection at Wellcome Collection

A few of the things I liked at the show:
Ex Libris Bookplates, engraved with imagery of death, representing the famous phrase, 'vita brevis, ars longa'.

My favourite piece there:

Calavera, Mondongo Collective (Argentina), plasticine on board, 2011

there was a group of images from the calendar released by pharmaceutical company Antikamnia, designed by a doctor there. Antikamnia provided painkillers, however they shut down after refusing to release the ingredients to their product, which included acetanilide, a drug known to impair red blood cells ability to release oxegen to the body.

There were also collages by artist Ray Johnon:

James Ensor, Belgian:
(above= 'The Bad Doctors')

kathe kollwitz: death and the woman
Marcos Raya's 'family portraits', where he painted over found photographs:

and photography by Linda Connor: