Tibet's secret empire

Jung, on practices of lighting candles in temples: 'enlightenment does not consist in imagining figures of light, but in making the darkness conscious'


Johnnie Walker - Dear Brother

German student project hoping to be chosen for the big time.


Daniel Craig

18. Daniel Craig - The Unique Issue, No. 248, October 04Before he was Bond, we caught up with Mr Craig about his rumoured love affair with Kate Moss… He told i-D: "If you go and hang out with people who are very famous, then at some point someone's going to point a camera at you. If it gets intrusive then it's something that makes me fucking mad. If you're more likely to get recognised because you've suddenly appeared in a snapshot in Hello than you are if you've done 15 movies, it's quite scary," before confirming: "We're just good friends, it's tomorrow's chip paper and the truth is always very different from what you read."
(From i-d magazine 35-actors-in-i-d-before-they-were-really-really-really-famous)



JW Anderson London Men's Collections

More photos soon... All for Interview magazine.


Pick Me Up Graphics Fair, Somerset house 2015

Thomas Lamadieu - who hand-draws characters in negative space in his photos of cities.

Hattie Newman, paper sculptures

Jack Cunningham - 3D printed dinosaurs

Georgina Naughton - Grace Jones

Stefan Gevers

Lovely display at the stall of 'Not Another Bill'

NOMOCO - Piano Lady (represented by http://www.pocko.com/)

More high-res images on phone / more detail in sketchbook.

It's the Vote today


Venetia dearden

'Tom explores'

The Collective @ West Bank gallery

Kimberley Thomas - Pulling on my heart string



"The hipster represents the end of Western civilization – a culture so detached and disconnected that it has stopped giving birth to anything new."




"We are only human sculptures in that we get up every day, walking sometimes, reading rarely, eating often, thinking always, smoking moderately, enjoying enjoyment, looking, relaxing to see, loving nightly, finding amusement, encouraging life, fighting boredom, being natural, daydreaming, travelling along, drawing occasionally, talking lightly, drinking tea, feeling tired, dancing sometimes, philosophising a lot, criticising never, whistling tunefully, dying very slowly, laughing nervously, greeting politely, and waiting till the day breaks." 

Gilbert & George


I didn't take this photo

Photo by Blair Getz Mezibov for Rollacoaster Magazine - seen on It's Nice That:



My photos backstage of the Marques Almeida A/W15-16 collection for Interview magazine:


Roksanda Ilincic LFW A/W15-16 for Interview magazine

See photos here:

The show was held in a converted gym / sports centre in Belgravia.


Jonathan Saunders - Psychedelia for A/W-15-16 LFW

At the Ashish LFW show for WEARECOLLISION

Runway photos here:


Backstage photos I took weren't used so perhaps will go up on my website soon...

Vivienne Westwood Red Label

My photography for Interview Magazine of Vivienne Westwood's London Fashion Week offering  - where Daisy Lowe made a surprise appearance and even Dame Viv herself strutted down then catwalk, which was at London's Science Museum, for the finale.



Topshop Unique A/W'15-'16 London Fashion Week

For Interview Magazine. Topshop held their opulent show in the grand halls of Tate Britain on Sunday 22.02.15, where they had taken over the space for all of London Fashion Week in their 'Topshop Showspace'.

My photos here: http://www.interviewmagazine.com/fashion/topship-unique-fw-2015/#


Photography for RFR Property

This interior design firm and property development company asked if I could supply them with a bunch of photos for their new website revamp.
This included recent projects they'd worked on; images that summed up the feel of areas of London; abstract images; textures and details of interiors and exteriors; and team portraits - as well as many general images that went in the 'RFR Scrapbook' - like this one of me at work:


Poster design

Poster I designed outside St Barts brewery, Farringdon.


Kassel Wilhelmshoehe Schloss

This is a place in Germany. On the 'to visit' list.


Eastern warrior


James Clar 'dance therapy'

Caroll/fletcher galler. Soho.
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