Chantelle Dosser

Found this photographer on serlinassociates.com, and really love her work. Also that it's fashiony, but casual and snapshot-like. The kind of work I would love to produce myself if working in fashion, as it neatly toes the art-photography-line as well.
Dosser was born and raised in Cape Town, then moved to Paris after completing her photography studies.

Assistant photography-ing

Pics from soon to be published shoots for Sunday Times Style magazine, and Elle magazine, by Haifa Olsen. I was her 2nd assistant, and helped set up the lighting and the backdrops, as well as organising stuff in the studio.


Brixton, club 414..

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Maurizio Cattelan

Rose M and I went to Whitechapel Gallery (2nd time in a week for me, after the London Art Book Fair) to see Maurizio Cattelan's work.
Taxidermy being the new big thing... His piece Bidibidobidiboo recreates to scale the kitchen of the house Catellan grew up in, where he remembers being sung songs by family members (the title being a jumbled up song from Disney's Cinderella), and the character sitting down, darkly, has just shot himself.



Watching Super Troopers in Seven Sisters..
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20/21 British Art Fair, Royal College of Art, September 2012

I went and saw a fairly typical art fair. However some stand-out pieces were:

Rebecca Jewell, who is the artist in residence at the British Museum, prints her designs onto feathers - one of the first known artists to do so - and on sale at the art fair were her bird designs:

Next and my favourite of the two most memorable, Phil Shaw's digitally altered, colour-coordinated bookshelves that represent the various London tube lines, each title featuring the subsequent station: