Futuro House

Produced in 1968 by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen - these are 'quick-placement' houses to be used as ski cabins or 'vacation saucers'.. 100 were made and only 18 known to survive in the u.s. (article in Vanity Fair Jan2012 which I bought to read on the train down to Salisbury). They're 500 sq foot, with circular fireplaces in the middle and a kitchenette and bathroom in one bit. Cannot believe that some people own these - I want one.


Tom Darracott

SHOWREEL from Tom Darracott on Vimeo.

Designer found by my co-intern Ben.

"Tom Darracott is an independent designer and art director. After studying an MA in Visual Communication at Saint Martins, Darracott joined the design studio Village Green, where he worked across the spectrum of graphic design, ranging from corporate branding to 3D illustration."