Holiday photo

Taken in Sofia, Bulgaria, 2008. High Pass filter + Linear Light overlay.


Lumitectura - architecture, music and light

Lumitectura from barno on Vimeo.


Good inspiration for the new brief we've been set by stanton architects, to design a graphic for a wall of their Belgrade theatre, in Coventry.


Elective event 22/01/10

Elective: Image + Text
We set up two projectors in the room we had used for classes each Friday since October. One would project image and text combinations that everyone made, the other would project the image and text split up and combined with another person's text or image. The image I contributed was the castle and the text read 'something else' in large letters at the top of the image. You can see the photos were the combinations have been very successful, and humourous - 'Happy together' and the graveyard.... I thought our solution for the event was successful.