2 Ladders

Antoine Stemerding - 'Wat Wil Je Doen', installation.

Matthew Northridge- sculpture.
Both from another blog I found, www.booooooom.com


7 Deadly Sins

Alexey Malina : Russian designer/digital artist.

Abstractions based on the seven deadly sins, using geometrical shapes.


Animated .gif

Near Instant Gratification
YouTube is all like “oh MAYBE we’ll serve you this video. Maybe. Maybe you’ll just hang out with this endless loading spinner instead. We could care less. We’re friggin’ Google.” I don’t care how fast the internet gets… video players will always be slow and buggy by comparison. The animated gif is instantly there for you. As soon as you see it, it’s got something. Its love is unconditional.

From the Wieden + Kennedy New York blog

Album covers for bands whose music I don't really know

From the duo who brought you the Nike Music shoe, Hifana’s new album “24H” released yesterday. Based on the concept of “1 day : 24 hours,” the album is made up of 12 audio/video tracks featuring different events that occur throughout the day. The production was the result of a collaboration between Hifana, W+K Tokyo Lab and over 15 up-and-coming visual creators.

Above: their previous album, Nampoon Cable.

And obviously a band we know, whose new album and accompanying film look amazing:





NO Fear Of Missing Out

This is from a great blog, ISO50 by Scott Hansen, but lots of people contribute to it.
This post is by Alex Cornell who's a design student (in San Fran I think) and had a brief which was basically to "make something cool"...
"I learnt a long time ago that an open brief like this is not preferable despite what I think at first. I set off trying to make something awesome and basically drove myself insane again. The class was called 'Design Outside the Box' and the project duration was from January through May."
He chose to explore FOMO (fear of missing out), and in his blog post he details the entire process so it's worth a look.


The end result is:


Director : David Wilson

Been looking into this guy's music video direction, including
Skream's new song, 'Listening to the Records on my Wall'

Moray McLaren 'We Got Time', which was on the 'It's Nice That' reel at Somerset House.
Little Boots' Kaleidoscope video for 'Remedy' as well...
and We Have Band - You Came Out.
Still looking for David Wilson's own website but he's on motionographer and colonelblimp.com


Blog Blitzing

Cobrasnake sexy photos for New Zealand magazine 'No'.

'Dead or Alive' at the New York Museum of Art + Design

Artists who've used previously 'alive' things in their work..
Best bits:
Billie Grace Lynn, 'Mad Cow Motorcycle', 2008.

Jorge Mayet. 'Obalata', 2010.
"The tension between nature an
d art is pushed farther into a surrealist
aesthetic by virtue of a root system that sprouts feathers."
Studio Drift (Lonneke Gordijn/Ralph Nauta) - Fragile Future.3
Dandelion seed heads + LEDS (below)