Personal Tutor 1 week christmas project

Sigune Hamman set us a short project to think about over christmas:

Interpret the following quote about the dialectical relationship of language and speech using typography and/or sound or any other medium of your choice.

‘A language is a purely abstract entity, a norm which stands above individuals, a set of essential types, which speech actualizes in an infinite variety of ways.’
V. Brøndal

I started out by researching Viggo Brondal and found a biography and summary of his work as a philosopher.
As the project was about language and possibly using typopgraphy I tried out copying and pasting the biography into the website wordle.com which organises it in terms of frequency of words occurring (the most common being the largest) into a 'word-cloud'... Here are a few experiments:
The last image does not have 'common English words' filtering, but it is obvious from all of them that the words that occur the most are:
and other similar words which are relevant to describing language, so I was quite happy with these results, as they really sum up what the quote, and the man, were about.

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