Magical Museum (christmas project)

Visit a museum, find an exhibit to research and document.

1. design and make an alternative exhibit in response to the chosen piece.

2. create a publication that contains a narrative or history of the exhibit. This may be factual or fictional.

3. design a poster that publicises the exhibit and the museum

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I chose to go to the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park for the DESIGN REAL exhibition.



The exhibition is curated by an influential German product designer, Konstantin Grcic, whose pared-down selection focusses on 'real' objects, all concieved in the last decade - mass-produced products that have a practical function in everyday life. I chose Paving for my project:

Not a very fascinating subject on first glance, but I found the fact that an established industrial designer went and designed some paving.. The bumps on the paving surface are to help the blind or visually impaired traverse the city.

In my publication I will write about this range of tactile paving, how it has helped blind people in the past, I will also profile the designer who has made many other useful designs for everyday life.

As for an alternative exhibit, for the exhibition in two weeks, I think I will be researching into:

  • tactile materials I can put on the gallery floor- so people will be walking over my exhibit

  • pavement artists, as in Mary Poppins

  • Hollywood Boulevard - celebrities' stars

  • Dominoes, the spots on them resemble the paving from Design Real

I have designed a poster using the patterns on the paving as a basis. I may change the type, though it is a font of mine that most closely resembles the one the exhibition uses..

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