Shinichi Ogawa & Associates- Cube-House

The house is built on a 1.5M grid module in all directions. This site is at a corner of the new residential area in Kanagawa, Japan. The space is composed of a solid cube of 9.0M x 9.0M x 6.0M and a cubic void of 4.5M x 4.5M x 6.0M. The hall, children's room and kitchen are laid out to surround the living/dining room on the ground floor. The bedrooms, walk-in closet and bathroom are located on the second floor. Each room of the interior space is connected through the void of the living room. And the void cuts off the sky as a geometric form, letting the sunlight inside. In this house, all events, the changes of the seasons, course of time, and human activity, are created through the void.


Location: Kanagawa, Japan
Words: Courtesy of Shinichi Ogawa & Associates
Photography: Jonathan Savoie

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