Death: The Richard Harris Collection at Wellcome Collection

A few of the things I liked at the show:
Ex Libris Bookplates, engraved with imagery of death, representing the famous phrase, 'vita brevis, ars longa'.

My favourite piece there:

Calavera, Mondongo Collective (Argentina), plasticine on board, 2011

there was a group of images from the calendar released by pharmaceutical company Antikamnia, designed by a doctor there. Antikamnia provided painkillers, however they shut down after refusing to release the ingredients to their product, which included acetanilide, a drug known to impair red blood cells ability to release oxegen to the body.

There were also collages by artist Ray Johnon:

James Ensor, Belgian:
(above= 'The Bad Doctors')

kathe kollwitz: death and the woman
Marcos Raya's 'family portraits', where he painted over found photographs:

and photography by Linda Connor:

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