Oyster - a film by Marie Schuller

OYSTER (Marie Schuller, Anita De Bauch, Vivienne Westwood, Dans La Vie) from Anita De Bauch on Vimeo.

"An outbreak of composed cool exhibitionism. The ratting of wheels, the hum of the night, the baring down of speed and implosion of shock, the raw explosion of nudity is a comfort on the Central Line.

"Directed by Marie Schuller, a London based filmmaker, Oyster is a raw and unhinged documentation of exhibitionism in the simplest form. Blatantly thrown in the British face of public transport, Anita de Bauch gets naked. Commissioned for London’s Fringe! Film Fest, iF showcases the edited version whilst the raw footage will premiere on April 15th during the festival in London.

"Marie Schuller, a London based director, is an internationally recognized director with film pieces screened at numerous film festivals including La Joalla, NYC Fashion Film Festival, and ASVOFF where she received the “Best Director of Fashion” award. For the past two years she has been working for SHOWstudio as Nick’s Knight’s fashion film editor as she continues to contribute as a filmmaker."

- imaginefashion.com

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